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Main Activities

Consultative, engineering
- Survey, consult, engineer & design for new building, repairing and conversing of ship, floating facilities, marine construction & land transport means.
- Consult, design, and assemble the mechanic, electric, electronic, hydraulic, cooling sets for transport & civil means with using modern technology.
- Consult, design of technological layout, conversion of shipyards & transport industry shop.
- Consult & pre-feasibility, feasibly study for building shipyard and transport industry shop.
- Consultancy for bidding documents
- The Main contractor for building and repair of water facilities
- The Mai contractor for survey, research and design of mechanical products transportation
- Design of the sea construction, ports, shipyards and industrial projects, and establish civil construction projects
- Perform technical services, technical supervision




Scientific and technological services
- Establish the plan of investment for manufacturing float means, transport equipments.
- Establish costs for new building, repairing, converting of transport means & of investing plan of extend, upgrade for shipyard & transport industry shop.
- Appraisal of design, manufacturing projects and cost.




Construction Consulting
- Design Civil construction and industrial
- Investment project Consultation
- Construction management
- Verify the construction quality